Every journey begins with a single click

Posted: October 21, 2011 by bcbuzzards in Uncategorized

I guess I’ll be the one to get the ball rolling as Tris is (hopefully) currently crushing the Palisades Traverse in the Sierra before he moves out to Utah to join the other Buzzards for the remaining months of fall and an epic winter to come. I believe Phil is working on some school work and possibly checking into the veracity of a report that Method Man may be playing a Halloween show here in SLC. I could easily see that becoming an evening where we may indeed end up protecting our necks. On the agenda in the next few days is a Utah Avalanche Center block party downtown being touted as the Pray for Snow party and preceding that I’m hoping to close out my sport climbing season by finishing up a project of mine called Inferno (5.13b) at the El Diablo wall of American Fork Canyon. There is only so many times you can not succeed I suppose…

Me and Phil ended up doing some skiing the other day and it really got me thinking about the way I’ve been experiencing a lot of my pursuits lately, and how it is not the way I want to experience them at all. I know it’s cliche to say that you have to enjoy the journey and not the destination but when you are trying things at your limit it really does feel like most of your days are met with failure. There is something heavy about failing as often as I do. It almost makes the successes feel somewhat empty and hollow because they are such an anomaly to the every day experience. I will really try to focus myself on enjoying the process so that I can go home successful every time I get out. What a fresh feeling that would be, success every time I try, and believe me, I try a lot.



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