There is always a halfway between halfway done.

Posted: October 22, 2011 by bcbuzzards in Uncategorized
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Slow start to the day but what a day it’s been. Drove out to the Hell sector at American Fork with Travis to try to finish up Inferno (5.13b). New highpoint but no send. The one hang is creeping ever higher up the wall. I may yet sneak this one past the guard station this season.

I love when everyone comes out to exploit the season and today was prime. I think no less than 16 people were out tying to get it done with very little overlap at all. I’ll head back out on Monday and hopefully put it to bed so I can pack away the ropes until the spring.

The cars made this place seem en vogue for sure.


Lot to learn in some 60ft of steep limestone.

After the climbing and a great shower (our hot water is finally functioning), I headed down to the Pray for Snow party at 800 S and Main to meet up with Phil and Wally and his wife Holly to shoot the breeze and get excited for the winter.  We were met with a Motely Crue tribute band and a paltry showing of supporters.  Some laughs were had, some brews were drunk and it capped off a good day of effort and socializing.  The bonfire was to be my capstone, but at least during my tenure no old skis or boards were burned.  There is always next year…

  1. Bert says:

    Do you know how bad burning skis is!? They are like the glowsticks (phish reference) of the ski world! Just make a bench out of them, or sell them on ebay…

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