Winter is coming…

Posted: October 25, 2011 by bcbuzzards in Uncategorized

Sorry for the cheesy title post but I can say I really do like the Game of Thrones and winter is really coming.  Deployed the propane space heater for today’s session at the Hell Sector of American Fork.  Wasn’t able to push my high point any higher than stabbing at the slot I’ve been going for the last few times.  I am happy to report that despite the number of attempts I’ve put in I am still having a ton of fun on Inferno.  Maybe it’ll go and maybe it won’t but I’m still getting stronger on it every time.  I’m posting up a video of today’s effort to give you an idea of what I’m up against (gravity and garbage holds mostly) but also to give me an idea of what I’m doing right and wrong and as always, to stoke the psyche.

In amazingly awesome and somewhat related news, Tris will be arriving in UT this weekend to take his place atop the pile of new comers who one after the other have proclaimed, “This is the place!”


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