Predawn Delights

Posted: November 3, 2011 by tnt141 in Skiing
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Under cover of darkness, the Buzzards unite!

The sleepy hamlet of SLC, somewhere below us.

I finally made it to Salt Lake City and am ampped to join the Buzzards in sampling some of the tasty treats this region has to offer. Winter has been kind enough to join us this week and deliver a dusting to the Wasatch. True to form we took it upon ourselves to be some of the first folks to exercise poor judgement and start the season by skiing on an entirely unsuitable sub strait.

On the way up, under the cover of darkness.

Under the heavy cover of darkness fueled by one of Arthur’s fine roasts we rallied to our rendezvous point at the mouth of Little Cottonwood. We found Phil chomping at the bit and ready to continue the quest for early season freshies. We headed up canyon to Alta to see what mother nature had delivered. We were not disappointed.

The 1800′ skin up to the top of the Collins Chair went fairly smoothly and provided us an opportunity to survey the myriad of combos that lay under the 4-8 inches of fresh.  All the key players for a good time were there: consolidated 3 week old snow, bulletproof man made, rocks, gravel, stumps, stones, and tall weeds. By the time we arrived at the top ( still pitch black )we all knew that we were in for a disturbingly good time.

After stripping the skins and locking our heels Phil stepped up to the plate and headed down first. Almost immediately the surrounding area lit up like the 4th of July as his edges raked across rocks and threw up a rooster tail of sparks! As the light of his headlamp disappeared down the canyon I heard him make almost every turn. Arthur followed and quickly initiated his Mantras into the “Used” phase of ski’s life. This was to be the theme of the day.

The only real casualty of the day was Phil’s elbow.  He initiated a turn and caught an edge on a rock sending him over the handlebars and  straight onto another thinly veiled rock. Sparks flew and curse words rained down upon all. The elbow locked up for a few seconds but he worked out the kinks and got it working again shortly. Rumor has it that there is more snow on its way for the weekend!

foggy, rather groggy...

We’ll keep you posted.


Home in time for breakfast round 2, and the sunrise (round1)!

  1. Kane says:

    It is snowing there already? Man! CA is a different world. I am just getting used to the weather plunging to the 70s as November hits.

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