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Posted: October 7, 2013 by bcbuzzards in Skiing
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Once more unto the breech

Once more unto the breech

And so….it begins. While the late September fizzler left me salivating and cursing NOAA last weekend, this weekend produced big time. The Cole Creek snotel was reading 16 or so inches when I awoke Friday morning. Being long on time (I work 4-tens) and short on common sense (as many who know me will attest) I pulled out the biggest rock boards I could find and headed up to the hill to see what I could ski.

The roads up were a clear indication of my potential mistake. The highway was littered with broken tree limbs and spun of cars. The town of Red Lodge was a mess. My normal stop for bathroom facilities was an unpowed mess of at least 12″ of wet heavy snow. This was simultaneously envigerating and horrifying. After spinning the car out of the lot I reasoned that my chances of making it up Ski Hill Road weer about 50/50. If the road was not plowed, I was 50 precent sure I would end up 100% trying and about 100% stuck as well. I contempated parking and skinning, sure that if I needed to someone in a massive truck would offer me a ride, or at least lob an empty rockstar at me. But being persistent (and sleeping in a bit) prevailied, and the road was plowed all the way up.

Conditions Friday were brutal, just the way I like ’em! Cold, windy, snowy, simply sublime for a couple laps. Saturday’s weather was much more mild, a serious drawback. While the company was vastly improved (I was skiing with a friend vs. by myself) the actual weekend (remember I work 4-10s) meant the crowds were out in full force. While the lower hill seemed to get decimated, the greener pastures Craig and I had moved onto were significantly less crowded. Hard for the “one-and-dones” to get back that far, let alone all the “1/2-one-and-dones.”

Sunday featured Saturday’s weather (warm) and Friday’s crowds (non-exhistant). In my typical progressively poor decision making pattern I moved from mostly blue runs (with some greens and a few blacks) too “Upper Bucking Chute”, a double black diamond (with some rocks/stumps/slag piles). I’m happy to report that the decision proved worthwhile giving up some of the deepest turns and certainly the steepest terrain I rode all weekend (and the most foreign objects I connected with too) . It’s the occasional pay-off like that one which continues to push me to ski terrain that people who value their equipment and physical well being generally shy away from.

While I’d like to continue to wax Phil-Low-Sofically on the skiing and conditions, I’m wiped out having thrown together the following tasty edit. All the skiing (falling, crashing, and gear damage)  was done at Red Lodge Mountain over the weekend of Oct 4-6, 2013. So enjoy:



YTD Stats:

Days skied: 3

YTD self propelled vert: 14,728

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