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Good things happen for those willing to wait. If you can stand (or in my case relish in) the agony of climbing something for hours at a time the joys of dropping into untracked powder over and over and over again will be yours. Conditions in the Gallatin and Madison Ranges of Montana continue to improve. Stability has risen, giving way to conditions which are low probability, and very high consequence. As the snow pack deepens skiers become way less likely to trigger slides. Still we move cautiously lines will always be there, powder too (if you know where to look). These clips represent a diligent series of moves in the backcountry, and some of them were pulled from days where it just wasn’t happening. The huge slide at the top of Beehive with fellow buzzards Arthur? Well we just turned around and skied back down our own ski track…very, very cautiously.

The buzzards keep reaching new highs for the winter of 2013/14. The snow piles up and the vertical keeps stacking up. While I close in on the 1 million foot mark in lift service I’m happy to take a breather from the lift service hustle and bustle to step out and step up with a few friends in the backcountry. As I crushed past my half way mark for the season in earned turns I’m feeling pretty good about things. 300,000 feet will be my biggest goal yet, all while making my way through the longest, deepest and most challenging (and rewarding) winter yet. This Go Pro edit, shot entirely with self-propelled “earned” turns in Beehive Basin and Lick Creek exemplify what it’s really all about…sometimes steep, sometimes deep, but always untracked….