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Dave touring into the shadows of the Jackson Hole periphery

Dave touring into the shadows of the Jackson Hole periphery

Ski-bum, dirt-bag, ticket-flapper, paid-time-off, career. Those words don’t often run side by side in the lexicon of sking lore. But I’m also somewhat of your a-typical ski-bummer. I remember going to grad-school, working two part time jobs, and working my way through what would be my third 100 plus day ski season in a row since returning to skiing 5 years before. “Sometime I forget you’re going to school too…” a ski partner said one night, as I packed it in to go write another paper. It’s been tough at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So when the opportunity to take a week of PTO comes up in March, I take it. Some people think you have to sacrifice a career for skiing, or skiing for a career. Those same people might tell you that the ski-vacation, or skication is expensive. They are wrong of both accounts. 10 days off, 10 days of skiing. It takes dedication, perseverance, diligence, stupidity, and friends. That and thighs of steel and brains of mush.

Big Sky gave way to Jackson, which gave way to the Grand Targhee, which gave way to the Teton Pass. Firm snow gave way to high pressure warm temps, which gave way to spring conditions, which gave way to stable conditions, which gave way to big dumps, which gave way to cliffed out lines and easily triggered slabs. Through it all I rode. 10 days, 170,380 feet of lifts, 12,423 feet of self-propelled. Off the front, back, and side of Jackson Hole, from rowdy trees, to steep chutes, to mellow glades. D-chute, and B-chute. Spacewalk and M&M. Broken Branch and Steve Baugh. Shovel Slide and 1st Turn. Ski cuts and face shots. Thru it all I rode…I crashed on floors, and pull-out couches. I traded for vouchers and bought beers and pizzas for all…and through it all I rode. I punched my virtual check and checked my phone when the direct deposit from the “job” I was “working” went through, I answered a few emails, and let a few co-workers know I was alive…and thru it all I rode.

Life has a way of passing you by if you don’t take stock of it. 81 days into my season I was digging every turn of it. I’m like a dog with a stick sometimes. Sure there might have been bigger sticks, better sticks, but as long as you throw this stick…this one here, today, right now…well then I’m happy. Some people spend their whole lives chasing a dream, working everyday to pay for it. Some people spend their whole lives living a dream, never knowing it’s true cost. Me? I’m working my second year at a full time job in a career I’ve struggled to get. I’m 34 years old, and I’ve skied harder, longer and better this year than I ever have before in my life. I live the dream, and it’s costs.

Thanks to Tele-Dave, who regrettably isn’t pictured in the video, for the vouchers, the crash pad, the laughs, the pb&j’s, and the tour. Thanks to Craig 1 for the vouchers, the crash pad, the laughs, and for being one of the ones who was willing to wait for me those few short years ago. Thanks to Johnney for the crash pad, the laughs, and for being one of the ones from way back who still gets after “it.” Thanks to Jay B. for the vouchers and the talk, and for giving so many “dirt-bags” a shot at it.